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Progressus Revenue

Houston Medical Billing Provider, Health

Medical Billing Services Texas

Progressus Revenue's Bio:

Located in Houston, Texas, Progressus Revenue has been providing quality medical billing services since its founding. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest returns without sacrificing service or patient support. We realize that medical practice owners and management are concerned with different aspects of business, and they do not always have the time or resources to focus on Billing, Credentialing, Accounting, Operations, Reporting, Software Solutions, etc. We began Progressus Revenue with the goal of providing these much-needed services to medical practices on a third-party basis.

We often see that medical businesses primarily focus on providing the best treatment to patients (as well they should!), but there are many other tasks that need to be attended to in order to ensure the success of a medical business. We have a strong and growing track record of assisting medical practices and organizations with accomplishing these essential tasks in order to successfully grow their businesses.

At Progressus Revenue, we believe that keeping pace with the latest developments in the medical billing industry is our job, not yours. Experience has taught us that new discoveries aren’t always superior to traditional solutions, however. You can trust Progessus Revenue to recommend a customized strategy that meets your organization’s needs while respecting your budget.

§  Allergy & Immunology

§  Anesthesiology

§  Cardiology

§  Chiropractic

§  Dermatology

§  Endocrinology

§  Family Medicine

§  Gastroenterology

§  Geriatrics

§  Gynecology/Obstetrics

§  Home Health Physicians

§  Internal Medicine

§  Nephrology

§  Neurology

§  Oncology

§  Ophthalmology

§  Orthopedics

§  Otolaryngology (ENT)

§  Pain Management

§  Pediatrics

§  Plastic Surgery

§  Physical Therapy

§  Psychiatry

§  Sleep Medicine

§  Sports Medicine

§  Urolog 

§  Alle

Progressus Revenue's Experience:

  • Progressus Revenue at Houston medical center billing

    Progressus is committed to providing cost efficient, revenue driven solutions that maximize profitability for Medical practices.

  • Top Rated Medical Billing Provider at Progressus Revenue

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